Monday, August 29, 2011

2011 VMAs: Sad Night for Fashion

I cannot possibly be the only one who was utterly dissapointed with the stars' fashion choices last night...I have not seen so many poorly dressed celebrities under one establishment in a long time. Having said that, I still tried my best to pick a few well-dressed peeps. Below is my list of best and worst dressed celebs-and everything in between.

Best of the Night

Demi Lovato


JBiebs and Selena

Rebecca Black (she actually looked cute!)


Miley Cyrus

Kim Kardashian (the back of this dress was all wrong)

Taylor Lautner (what's with the dirty boots? it's an awards show!)

Beyonce (great color...does nothing for her amazing bod)

Katie Holmes (what's with the shoes?)

Zoe Saldana (again...the shoes don't go with the dress)

Worst of the Night

Adele (so matronly...dissapointing)

Britney Spears


Kanye West (for someone who claims to know fashion...this was atrocious)

Nicki Minaj (I have no words...)


Katy Perry